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        中文 | English

        Join the iRay team
        We are a hi-tech company focused on digital X-ray imaging.
        We foster innovation, promote sharing of knowledge and collaboration.
        We are committed to your career development and professional growth.
        • In iRay , you will ...
          • Learn about the most advanced technologies in the digital imaging industry
          • Enjoy being part of a dynamic and innovative culture
          • Benefit from our collaborative environment and focus on employment development
        • Competitive Benefits Package
          • Salary: Monthly salary, annual performance patent bonuses
          • Welfare: Insurances and supplementary housing funds
          • Holidays:Official holidays, marriage leave, maternity/paternity leave, breastfeeding leave, annual leave, sick and bereavement leaves
          • Others: Meal allowance, traffic allowance, telephone benifits, festival and activity bonuses
        • Comfortable Office Environment
          • Clean and comfortable office space and production facilities
          • Regular bus to Zhoupu and Longyang Road subway station
          • Provided business car for convenience
        Job Recruiting
        • R&D Engineer of Detector Physics 2017-10-16
        • R&D Engineer of Panel 2017-10-16
        • R&D Engineer of Electronics 2018-08-22
        • FPGA Engineer 2018-08-22
        • Structure Engineer 2018-08-22