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        中文 | English


        iRay Technology is a leader in the development and manufacturing of

        key X-ray system components used in medical, veterinary and industrial imaging applications.

        Our designs provide innovative detection and imaging capabilities. 

        We have the knowledge and expertise to provide our healthcare and industrial customers with the leading imaging technologies.

        • iRay X-ray Technology Everywhere

          iRay is dedicated to provide our customers with the most advanced and reliable imaging products. We are committed to deliver the safest, most innovative X-ray technology, and make it available in every corner of the world.


          Improving Lives with Innovative Imaging Technologies

          We provide innovative detection and imaging capabilities in medical and industrial markets. Our technologies support the detection and identification of disease, aid in early recognition of security threats, and provide the best material insights for non-destructive testing.

        • Innovation and Excellence

          Core values are central to the iRay corporate culture. They provide the foundation for the development of the company in order to fulfill its mission and achieve its vision. At iRay we foremost drive for innovation and product excellence, a collaborative spirit, with the objective to provide a win-win together with our customers.